phone memory critically low

  • Getting the message “memory critically low”
  • Click in top right-hand corner of home page and then tap on the % figure
  • This shows how much “program memory” is free and how much “storage memory” is free. For me the “storage memory” is the problem (max 105.55MB)

Program memory = the memory programs use (temporarily) when they are running
Storage memory = used to store files AND programs


  1. I have a program called “KeepRecordin”. Changed this to save on storage card not in memory
  2. Wondered what the large pim file is (59MB) – in root folder (ie in MyDevice). It’s apparently all my contacts, calendar and tasks
  3. MyDevice/Windows/Rings. This contains my ringtones. Some are large files (5MB). So deleted some
  4. In Notes changed the set-up to store on storage card (some notes can include graphics and audio so can be large files). Also moved existing notes from MyDevice/MyDocuments to Storage card
    NB the icon has a little picture of a storage card if the file is stored on the card
  5. I could also … move programs to the storage card rather than the main memory (eg Phatnotes) (Think should probably do this by uninstalling and reinstalling the program)

My setup
Palm Treo Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional


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