Palm Treo Pro no sound on phone calls

All of a sudden I can’t hear anything on my Palm Treo Pro when I make a phone call – although it does still make sounds (eg when I reboot it)


1) plug in headphones: they work

2) jiggle the headphone jack in its socket a bit & the “no sound” problem is solved completely.

I found this web page which explains it (apparently there is a little switch inside the barrel of the headphone socket which gets stuck):

Update 8 Aug 2011

Same phone a few months later … now I can’t hear music play even with headphones / earbuds.
+ when someone phones me the ringer doesn’t sound
BUT when I answer the phone with headphones on then I can hear them!
(although apparently they can’t hear me)

  • So, as before, I pushed the headphone jack in & out several times, but the problems remained.
  • Then,  following instructions in the link above, I put a bit of lubricant (GT85)  in the socket that takes the headphone jack
  • Then I pushed a couple of different jacks in & out of the socket a number of times and eventually …  I could now hear sound through the headphones, but still couldn’t hear anything  without the headphones.
  • Then after a bit more lubricant, and inserting and removing the headphones again, sound returned to normal. Phew!

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