Windows shortcuts

Switch between windows & tabs

CTRL+TAB    = switch between tabs in browser

ALT+TAB    = switch between windows

CTRL+ALT+TAB    = display list of windows & select with arrow keys / mouse

Windows+TAB    = cycle through windows in 3D

CTRL+Windows+TAB    = stack windows in 3D & select with arrow keys/mouse

Menus & mouse-clicks without a mouse

ALT    = Menu

ALT+Spacebar    = open shortcut menu

Shift+F10    = Right mouse click (also many keyboards have a button for it to the right of the space bar)

Arrow keys often replace mouse clicks eg …

Right-arrow key in Windows Explorer    = expand a folder


CTRL+Shift+Esc    = task manager

Windows key

Cycle through windows (see above)

Windows+M    = minimise all windows (Windows+D does same ie Desktop)

Windows+F    = Find files or folders

Windows+E    = My computer

Windows+L    = Lock (r switch user)


1 Response to “Windows shortcuts”

  1. 1 Shortcut 8 July 2011 at 3:13 am

    Thank you for these lovely shortcuts. I will be using these to help me use my computer faster 🙂

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