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Active Sync hangs

I had been happily synchronising my phone with Outlook for many months (using Active Sync) and then one day it kept hanging. It never got past the “Looking for changes ” stage. It just carried on saying “looking for changes” and nothing changed. It didn’t produce any error messages and the ActiveSync troubleshooter said everything was ok

After trying many things I replaced the cable connecting PC to phone – and all was ok!

My setup
PC running Windows XP SP3
Palm Treo Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Palm connects to PC using ActiveSync4.5


Windows Mobile ActiveSync error 86000107

This error seems to happen when you are synchronising one phone with two different PCs (eg one at home and one at work).
There are lots of entries on forums about it. It seems that WM6 didn’t have the problem but WM6.1 does.

Avoiding the problem, before sync with new phone?
I already had Outlook installed on two PCs and was syncing both of them with my old Palm. when I started syncing with my new Windows Mobile phone I got error 86000107. My best guess is that I could have avoided the error if, before I synchronsied the phone with the 2nd PC for the first time, I had deleted all the Outlook tasks, notes, calendar and contacts on the 2nd PC.

Solution: once the error occurred
I deleted all the Outlook tasks, notes, calendar and contacts on the 2nd PC (the PC that was giving the error, and then everything was ok.
Some more details …

1) (10 mins) with phone disconnected from PC, on phone delete partnership with PC
ie in ActiveSync -> Menu -> Options -> select the relevant PC ->Delete ->Yes
2) (1 min) Tell the PC that the partnership is cancelled
a. Connect phone to PC
b. On PC cancel setup wizard
c. Then remove cable
d. ActiveSync on PC now says “No partnership”
3) (10 mins) Just to be sure … reboot PC & soft reset on phone
4) (40 mins) Also just to be sure …. Take backup of pst file
In Outlook: File -> Import/Export -> Export to a file -> pst file -> select mailbox AND check box for subfolders (If don’t include the email folders will be quicker)
5) (10 mins) In Outlook delete all tasks, contacts, calendar & notes
a. Click on tasks -> Edit -> select All -> Edit -> Delete
b. Click on Calendar -> View -> Arrange by -> Current View -> Define Views -> select By Category -> Apply View (ie a view with type = table & filter = off) -> Edit -> Select All -> Edit -> Delete
c. Click on Contacts -> View -> Arrange by -> CurrentView -> Phone List -> Edit -> Select All -> Edit -> Delete
d. Click on Notes -> Edit -> Select All -> Delete
6) (2 hours?) Connect phone & sync
    For home PC:
a. Set-up wizard -> Next -> give PC a name eg “WorkDesktop”; DON’T check the box about sync with MS Exchange -> Next
b. Check: Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, PhatNotes
UNCHECK all others -> Next
c. Don’t check box about wireless -> Next -> Finish
d. Starts sync
    For work PC:
I originally didn’t sync with Exchange (so it sync’d with local copy of Outlook, but after some problems (calendar entries not syncing) I removed the partnership with my work PC, deleted Outlook data on the work PC and then set up to sync with exchange – follwoing process above
In 6)a. check the box about exchange. Key in server address eg
Otherwise as above

My setup
Palm Treo Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Palm connects to PC using ActiveSync4.5
Both PCs are running Windows XP with service pack 3